Welsh Carrier Bag Policy

This legislation requires retailers to charge a minimum of 5p for single use carrier bags.

At the Red Giraffe Studio we support this policy. In fact, we have always reused carrier bags where possible both in distribution and for waste.  The scheme has been a huge success; not only for achieving the aims below but also in helping raise money for charity.

The single use carrier bag charge we collect is given to your choice of three charities that we support:

The Size of Wales Campaign where we support Wales' response to Climate Change and have become part of the LLandovery Jambo tribe created by the Love Llandovery Campaign of which we are a part

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Wales Air Ambulance

In October 2011 the Welsh Assembly introduced legislation to reduce the number of single use carrier bags (both plastic and paper) given away by retailers and thereby:


  •          helping to tackle climate change
  •          reducing litter
  •          protecting wildlife
  •          saving natural resources that are used to make and distribute bags
  •          encouraging people to reuse their bags


For more information: www.wales.gov.uk